I Love Her


a film by Darya Perelay

Let’s say it’s a big city… Let’s say it’s today…
Let’s say it’s about loneliness, ambitions, choices and LOVE…

What if it’s “Manhattan”, but in color and with a deaf-mute girl there?..

What if it’s a romantic “Notting Hill” with many obstacles on the way to happiness,
but with art house film’s flavor.

Finally, what if it’s a street musical drama “Once”,
but about a relationship between two women?

About the film

I Love Her by Darya Perelay

Year    :   2017
Genre    :   Drama, LGBT
Time    :   90 min. / 1:30
Format   :   16:9
Language    :   English
Age    :   12+

This story is about a musician, Natalie, who moves to a big city and tries her luck at becoming famous. And here she finds not only a great opportunity for her career, but also a new love with another girl, Anna. They two are very different: one poor, the other one is rich, one of them writes music and sings, the other one cannot hear or speak…

They are united by love for each other, but their own fears stand in the way of their happiness. They both go through doubts and pain. When they finally find courage in their hearts, it seems like it's too late… But does true love have time limits?

TRAILER (2017)

I Love her | Official trailer (2017) | a film by Darya Perelay


Darya Perelay

Darya Perelay was born and raised in Ukraine. She is professionally trained in music education. She has directed six short films, a music videos and several TV programs. In addition she has worked as an 1st Assistant Director on four short films and as a 2nd Assistant Director on feature films such as the “Afterglow” and “The Forsaken”.

She holds a Certificate from afilm International Film Workshops, located in Sitges, Barcelona, which she received upon completing a one-year Filmmaking Workshop.

afilm productions

afilm Productions is an independent film production company located in Sitges, Barcelona. Over the five years afilm productions have produced five feature films several of which were selected into the official program of the International Fantastic Sitges Film Festival.


A big aspect of this project will be music and especially various songs. Music is a big part of Natalie's life and the selected soundtrack will help the audience understand Natalie on a deeper level, since these will be the songs that are inseparable part of her life.


The proposed film is based on short film “I LOVE HER” (2013).

The film participated in such film festivals as: Frameline39, San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, MIX COPENHAGEN, Festival International Entr'2 Marches (Cannes film festival), Boston LGBT Film Festival, The Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival.

//     The film also participated in film festivals held in Madrid, Paris, Seattle, Boston, London, Hamburg. In whole the film participated in 28 film festivals of 12 countries (France,USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Latin America, Turkey) and 3 continents (Europe, America, Asia).

  • I love Her by Darya Perelay (2013)
  • I love Her by Darya Perelay (2013)
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The main idea of my project is to explore homosexual love in all of it's beauty. I decided to take on this subject because I wanted to show that weather love is between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or man and a man in the end its still love! I want to show that everyone has the right to love and be loved regardless of his or her skin color, age, social status or sexual orientation.

Although there are many films that have tackled this subject before, this one is truly special because I wanted to stress that it is also a problem in an emerging new democracy of Ukraine. Although my film does not have any political agenda whatsoever, I wanted to point out that there needs to be awareness about this social issue in Ukraine if Ukraine is to succeed on its path toward a democracy and everything that it stands for.

Through our protagonist Natalie, a poor emigrant from Ukraine, we touch upon and inform our audience about the homophobic laws that infringe on LGBT interests in Ukraine today. This theme will be shown through Natalie’s background, and how her fears from the past at times push her to make decisions she would not have otherwise make.

In my opinion this project is very important, especially now, today and not only to me. Many people among the audience will relate to this story and will appreciate this film giving them voice. The film will aspire to show a lesbian couple as any other heterosexual couple, with their problems and triumphs, hopes and despairs, arguments and unforgettable moments together filled with tender love for each other.

To bring the audience even closer to our characters, they were written and will come alive as people we could all recognize as our friends, siblings and neighbors. Lastly, I want to say that even if one person, be it in Ukraine or elsewhere in the world, changes their opinion about homosexual relationships, I think we all win and the world will become a little better of a place to live.